Fast Pass System



Our Fast Pass System, available exclusively to ATX Badgeholders, helps you better strategize your festival game plan.

Badgeholders can receive four (4) Fast Passes during the festival. These Fast Passes allow you to jump to the front of the Badgeholder general admission line, so you can grab a great seat to a screening or panel. But don’t be late! In order to use your Pass, you need to be in the Fast Pass line no later than twenty (20) minutes before the screening or panel starts, with your ATX Badge around your neck and your Fast Pass in your hand.

Each event will have differing numbers of Fast Passes available. There will be no fewer than one third of a venue’s capacity available for Fast Pass selection, and a venue will never be completely “reserved” by Fast Passes. If you aren’t able to get a Fast Pass for something you’re excited about, never fear! There’s still a very good chance you’ll make it in!


Mid-May, our Schedule will be released and Badge Codes will be emailed to Badgeholders. One (1) day after Badge Codes have been sent to all Badgeholders, our Fast Pass lottery selection window will open and you’ll have 48 hours to submit your top eight (8) Fast Pass choices, in order of preference.

We’ll send out email reminders and post on social media well in advance of the selection window opening so everyone will know when it opens and can be prepared to submit their Fast Pass choices.

After 48 hours, the selection window will close, and the computer will works its magic! The system shuffles around the order it received Badgeholder selections, so it won’t matter when during the selection window you submitted your choices. The computer then crunches the numbers and assigns Fast Passes, giving each Badgeholder as many of their top choice Fast Passes as possible.

Once all the computing is done, four (4) of your eight (8) submitted Fast Pass choices are assigned to you and a confirmation is sent via e-mail so you know what you received.

While you may not receive your absolute first choice Fast Pass, as long as you submit all eight (8) Fast Pass choices, you’ll be assigned four (4) Passes. If you’re not pleased with your assigned Fast Passes, remember that you be able to switch out your Fast Passes as spots open up for other events.


Your Fast Passes will be printed at Registration once you’ve picked up your Badge, and are non-replaceable – so make sure to keep them somewhere safe! More details about Season 9 Registration will be available when we’re closer to the festival.

Excited about Fast Passes, but haven’t bought a Festival Badge yet? Get one today! For more festival information, visit our FAQ Page.