Prepare for the Fest

We have a few tips on how to have your “Best Fest” experience

Don’t come for just one person.
If you want to see one actor, one creator, or one producer, you may very well be disappointed. Schedules change or the opportunity to meet him or her may not arise. Instead, come to the festival because you like a few of the series and panelists, but ultimately because you love TV and you’d like to learn more about it, discover new shows, and emerge from the weekend with a new group of TV-loving friends like yourself.

Check out shows you don’t know… you will find something new to love. We promise.
As programmers, we strive for a balance within the series that are included at the festival. From reunions to current shows to series premieres; comedies and dramas; quirky and critically-acclaimed; pop culture obsessed to educational — we work to showcase a little bit of everything. If you like a few of our shows, you might like more, so take a risk and try something new!

Bring your friends & we promise you’ll make new ones too!
We believe that TV lovers create the greatest community. You obsess, indulge, binge, and breathe your favorite series and characters — something you likely have in common with other festival attendees (and probably our panelists), so talk to one another.

Do your homework!
June may be summer vacation time, but the more you know about who / what you’re coming to see, the more you’ll enjoy yourself! Now, while we’re not saying there’ll be a quiz, we’re not not saying there will be a quiz. So make sure to study up!

Watch all 5 seasons of Alias on Hulu
Check out all 13 episodes of The Black Donnellys on Netflix

Stream all of The Comeback
on HBO Now / HBO Go
Check Shout! Factory for all 7 seasons of Designing Women on DVD
Grab the Season One DVD of Evening Shade on Amazon
Go ahead! Stream all of Hearts Afire
on Amazon Prime
All of The Middleman is on Amazon,
both on DVD & streaming

Purchase all of Northern Exposure
on DVD at Amazon

Oh, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth, just go watch Parks and Recreation on Hulu

Get all 4 seasons of thirtysomething
on Amazon

Have a good cry and watch This Is Us
on NBC or Hulu

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