Will I have a chance to get a picture or autograph from a Panelist?

Friendly reminder, we aren’t a “con.” We don’t have booths, organized photo ops, or autograph signings.

We work hard to make sure that ATX Television Festival is a safe, respectful, inclusive, and fun environment for TV lovers from around the world. We know that y’all come to Austin and to our festival because ATX is an awesome, laid back community of TV nerds that feel truly at home at TV Camp. That’s why our Panelists come to Austin too!

To keep our TV Camp vibe, here’s our basic rule of engagement: Be cool.

Inside the walls of the ATX Venues (and on the streets in between), Panelists are TV fans just like you, watching and talking about their work and favorite shows with other TV fans. Feel free to chat with them about the series you just watched, or a series (other than theirs) that you like, but please don’t crowd or swarm. Remember to be cool and give ’em space!

In addition, don’t ask Panelists to sign an enormous stack of pictures or memorabilia. Even taking pictures should be kept at a minimum, if at all – we know it’s hard, but take a mental picture of the awesome moment in time y’all are having. Be present and resist the urge to give them your business card or a DVD of the latest project you produced or script you wrote. We want to make TV Camp as relaxed and fun for them as possible, so they come back!

If you need a refresher on the The ATX Way and our Code of Conduct, check it out here.