A Conversation with Robert & Michelle King

Date: Sunday, June 10

From the opening moments of CBS’ prestige courtroom procedural The Good Wife, it was clear that Robert & Michelle King had arrived on network TV ready to jolt viewers awake with razor-sharp dissections of political, judicial, and media institutions. For seven 22-episode seasons, the series’ acclaimed writing, production, and performances pushed the boundaries of broadcast expectations, and their next endeavor — sing-songy, aliens-invade-Capitol-Hill dramedy Braindead — only further cemented the Kings as one of TV’s most inventive and prescient writing duos (giving new extraterrestrial life to ‘80s earworm ‘You Might Think’ in the process). Now, in the midst of Season 2 of CBS ALL ACCESS flagship drama The Good Fight (with a Showtime series on the way), join these writer/producer/showrunners for a discussion on what this current moment in news/politics means for creatives, and what makes their singular brand of political observation and dark humor more timely than ever.

Panelist: Robert & Michelle King (Creators/Writers/EP)
Moderator: Debra Birnbaum (Variety)