Alias Writers Room Reunion

Date: Saturday, 6/10

One of the most ambitious thrillers to ever air on network TV, Alias featured a breathlessly exciting and twisty universe of action, espionage, and deception. Born from the visionary mind of J.J. Abrams, the series’ intricate web of allegiances and treachery was bolstered by an all-star team of writers — many of whom started the show with little experience in directing or producing TV, but eventually went on to become high-profile, bankable talents for bringing blockbuster genre fare to film and TV. More than a decade after leaving the air, and now in league with the industry’s most prolific executive producers, the creative team behind Alias reunites to reflect on the show’s long-term impact, the challenges of maintaining their elaborate concept across 105 episodes, and to share their favorite moments in the life of Sydney Bristow.

Panelists: Ken Olin (EP/Director/Actor), Sarah Caplan (Producer), André Nemec (Writer/EP), Josh Appelbaum (Writer/EP), Monica Owusu-Breen (Writer/Producer)
Moderator: Sara Vilkomerson (Entertainment Weekly)