American Vandal: Orchestrating the Perfect (Un)True Crime

Date: Friday, June 8

Last fall, in the midst of pop culture’s ongoing obsession with all things “true crime,” Netflix’s American Vandal arrived just in time to set social media ablaze with one tantalizing question: Who drew the dicks? Like amateur documentarians Peter and Sam, viewers found themselves enamored not only by the show’s central mystery (uncovering the perpetrator of a costly, phallic prank), but the precision with which the series had satirized the genre itself. In this case study, join the creative team behind Vandal for a detailed look at the series from pitch, to development, to bonafide hit, as they discuss their own influences and fascination with the “true crime” genre.

Panelist: Dan Perrault (Co-Creator/EP), Tony Yacenda (Co-Creator/EP/Director), Dan Lagana (Showrunner/EP), Joe Farrell (VP of Longform Content, Funny or Die/EP)
Moderator: Ben Blacker (The Writers Panel)