Better With Age: Growing Older on TV presented by Hollywood Health & Society

Date: Sunday, June 9 

As the spectrum of inclusivity on TV grows, so has the number of shows exploring later-in-life narratives. Never before has there been such an array of characters who redefine what life is like after sixty-five. From series that center on the senior experience, to characters who are part of a multi-generational story, to unpredictable yet relatable solo journeys — join the writers and actors behind these fully-formed, authentic characters for a timeless discussion about aging onscreen.

Panelists: Sarah Thompson (writer, How to Get Away With Murder), Mike Royce (creator/writer, One Day at a Time), Brent Miller (EP, One Day at a Time), Mimi Kennedy (actor, Mom)

Moderator: Kate Langrall Folb (Director, Hollywood Health & Society)