BFFs: A Look Into Creating and Establishing Friendships on TV

Date: Friday, 6/9

We all know love is complicated, but not every great relationship arc exists in the dramatic surroundings of romance and family. Some of the most compelling storylines on television are anchored in the loyalties and complexities of friendship and brother/sisterhood. The writers and actors behind some of TV’s most indelible friendships discuss the rare mix of chemistry, great writing, and (we assume) a tiny bit of witchcraft that goes into earning (and maintaining) viewers’ trust in these platonic soulmate relationships.

Panelists: Mara Brock Akil (Being Mary Jane), Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Sweet/Vicious), Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham (Playing House), Kevin Falls (Franklin & Bash)
Moderator: Jarett Wieselman (BuzzFeed)