Bottle Episodes: Uncorked

Date: Saturday, June 9

A “bottle episode,” by most definitions, includes 1) a single story, 2) limited cast, and is 3) confined to a single set. However, while these episodes may have begun as a practical way to save time and money (or get writers out of a bind), they’ve since become a creative experiment, forcing shows (and viewers) to challenge how they engage with the established world by breaking form. From live performances, to tense showdowns and dramatic game-changers, join us as we pop the top on some of TV’s most inventive and memorable bottle episodes, with the writers & producers behind them.

Panelist: Anthony Hemingway(Underground) Michael Jacobs (Boy Meets World), John Wirth (Hell on Wheels), Kevin Falls (The West Wing)
Moderator: Ben Blacker (The Writers Panel)