Broken News: How VICE News Tonight on HBO Wants to Reclaim the Next Generation of TV viewers

Date: Saturday, June 8

Since inception in 2016, VICE News Tonight on HBO has dismantled the status quo for nightly news. With the youngest audience in cable news and 5 Emmy wins and 15 nominations in less than two years, the show has fast become a destination for younger audiences craving more than the maelstrom of 24-hour rolling television, soundbites and talking heads.

But as news media at large wrestles with its relationship to younger viewers, and with the 2020 presidential race around the corner, are television networks at risk of failing in their duty to inform America’s young electorate? And how do broadcasters reach millennials and Gen Z when their trust in the news media is declining?

This panel will explore how VICE News Tonight is engaging the next generation of news consumers, the mechanics behind reaching youth and how networks can defy convention to captivate young viewers successfully in an age of unprecedented media disruption.

Panelists: Shawna Thomas (Washington Bureau Chief for VICE News), Arielle Duhaime-Ross (Climate & Environment Correspondent), Elle Reeve (Technology Correspondent), Alzo Slade (Correspondent)

Moderator: David Modigliani (Director, Running with Beto)