Channel 101 with Rob Schrab & Dan Harmon

FRIDAY, 12:00 PM
SFA Assembly Room

What is Channel 101?  Is it a channel? (sort of…  Is it a festival?  Yeah, it is! And if you thought it was awesome to have a fest once a year….they do it once a month!?   According to their website, “Channel 101 is a chance to sit in the worn-out chair of the fat network exec, drunk on the blood of lowly artists whose right to exist is given in exchange for their ability to nourish…You run the network. You pick the programming.”

Come check out the founders and all around awesome individuals who have either contributed or are 100% responsible for shows like Community, The Sarah Silverman Program, Childrens Hospital, The Mindy Project…and the most infamously awesome never-picked-up pilot EVER! Heat Vision & Jack (which you can see in it’s entirety at this very festival).

Panelists: Rob Schrab, Dan Harmon

Moderator: Meg Masters