Controlled Chaos: The Art of TV Stunts

Date: Thursday, 6/9
Time: 4 PM
Venue: SFA Ballroom

From superheroes to villains, cops to criminals, zombies to post-apocalyptic survivors — TV’s most memorable action scenes have at least one thing in common: a stunt performer who has choreographed and calculated the impact of every car chased, gun fired, and punch thrown. Hear from the coordinators & actors who bring these sequences to life as they discuss & demonstrate the intense process behind getting that once-in-a-lifetime take, all the way from training and choreography to small-screen execution.

Panelists: Adrianne Palicki (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Derek Phillips (Friday Night Lights), Nick Benseman (K.C. Undercover), Nikki Tomlinson (The Walking Dead)
Moderator: Stacey Oristano