Directors & Showrunners: A Collaboration

Date: Friday, 6/9

You’ve heard it before, “Film is a director’s medium,” clearly implying TV belongs to the writer. While that statement can easily be debated, it is undoubtedly true that the showrunner is at the helm, and an episodic director must follow his or her lead. As different directors tackle single episodes or an entire series, a strong relationship between these two entities is crucial in maintaining a cohesive and dynamic vision of the storytelling. Join these showrunner + director pairs, who have worked together across multiple episodes, as they discuss the challenges of collaborating across a season of stories, establishing trust, and what occurs when opinions collide.

Panelists: Kevin Falls & Paris Barclay (Pitch), Joe Weisberg & Joel Fields & Thomas Schlamme (The Americans), Dave Andron
Moderator: Kat Candler (Queen Sugar)