Don’t Take That Tone with Me

Date: Saturday, June 9

Dark, Gritty, Broad Comedy, Dire, Light-hearted. Every TV show has a tone, the overall mood or emotional response it expects to elicit from viewers. Despite many stories being about the same subject matter, how each series tackles those subjects sets them apart from one another giving each show a distinct voice. How does a writer convey a specific tone in his/her script? Then how is that tone conveyed to the actors, writing staff, and department heads? These writers, all known for series with unique tones, discuss how they were able to first capture it on the page and then onto the screen.

Panelists: Robert & Michelle King (The Good Fight), Davey Holmes (Get Shorty), Melanie Mayron (Thirtysomething)
Moderator: Danielle Turchiano (Variety)