Her Body, Her Choice: TVs Abortion Dilemma presented with Hollywood, Health & Society

Date: Sunday, June 10

In the 45 years since Norman Lear faced off with standards & practices over Maude’s “dilemma” (a first for the small screen), creatives have been fighting to de-stigmatize the female body, and by extension, the right to choose by including birth control and abortion in more than just a “special episode.” Primetime and cable have seen major characters faced with decisions about sex and pregnancy, unplanned motherhood, and even onscreen abortions. While the topic remains a cultural, social and political pressure point, women are slowly seeing their experiences reflected back with urgency and empathy. Join creatives behind these stories as they discuss the challenges of tackling women’s reproductive health onscreen, the challenges and successes they experience, and why realistic depictions of choice are still so hard to come by.

Panelist: Mauricio Mota (East Los High), Rina Mimoun (Everwood)
Moderator: Kate Langrall Folb (Program Director, Hollywood Health & Society)