It’s a Power Play

Date: Saturday, June 9

This Moment in entertainment has brought to light an undeniable abundance of wrongs. From sexual harassment to misogyny, sexism and racism to lack of inclusion, it is all wrapped up in a single word: Power. The TV industry has been host to a litany of these issues, showcasing what happens when power is imbalanced, and the repercussions that follow when it goes unchecked. So who has the Power? How are they keeping and using it? Are things getting easier (and safer) for those historically at risk when they speak out? Most importantly, where do we go from here? Join executives and creatives to discuss their own experiences with Power (both having it or being victim to it), the new strides towards inclusion, and answering the question of where they see this Moment going next.

Panelists: Jessica Rhoades (Sharp Objects), Kathleen McCaffrey (SVP, HBO Programming), Pam Veasey (Nash Bridges)Salim Akil (Black Lightning), Mauricio Mota (East Los High)
Moderator: Maureen Ryan