Modern Fandom: Creativity, Visibility, and Dissolving the Fourth Wall

Date: Friday, June 8

What defines TV “fandom” in 2018? Depending on your proximity to Twitter, cosplay, or fanfic — the answer to that question may differ wildly. From fan conventions to activism, the visibility of fandom has increased in every way due to the accessibility provided by social media. With the unavoidable loudness of Twitter, how indicative is the show’s fandom to the average viewer or its overall success? How does the decision to engage affect those who create or produce a series? Hear from the writers and actors who are taking fandom along for the ride, and what that engagement means to them on a business, creative, and personal level.

Panelist: James Lafferty (Everyone is Doing Great), Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp), Miles McKenna (All Night), Carina MacKenzie (Roswell, New Mexico)
Moderator: Maureen Ryan