Creating the Sound of a Show

FRIDAY, 12:00 PM
SFA Ballroom

Remember the way your heart swelled every time The West Wing theme song began during the opening credits?  Or how the music montages during The Vampire Diaries seem to capture the heart of the episode?  Sometimes it’s even that final song over the credits of True Blood and Game of Thrones. The soundtrack of a TV series is part of the personality of the show, and when used right can help tell the story by adding a new layer without distracting the viewer.  How does a music supervisor decide when to use score verses a popular song?  What goes into creating (and recreating) the score week after week?  And how does a musician make their album stick out amongst the plethora of new music being released each week?

Listen to one of television’s best composers, a leading music supervisor, a show creator, and a solo musician discuss their parts in creating a television soundtrack.

Panelists: Lindsay Wolfington (Music Supervisor), W.G.Snuffy Walden (Composer), Teddy Geiger (Musician), Jonathan Prince (Show Creator)

Moderator: Josh Chisom