The TV Campfire presents: Politically Minded

Date: Saturday, June 9

As real world political issues continue to be a relentless barrage on our Twitter feeds and real lives, filling the role of “reality is stranger than fiction,” TV’s “imaginary” landscape can be difficult to view through an escapist lens. Creatives almost have no choice but to incorporate true political issues into their narratives through fictional worlds and characters. From local activism, to racial tension, to education, to incarceration, series are grounding their politics in issues that incorporate our true cultural climate and hit close to home. The goal becomes to educate and empower viewers without sacrificing entertainment in the process. Join this live episode of ATX’s original podcast series “The TV Campfire” to discuss this shift in focus with some of TV’s boldest storytellers, and what they think it means for creatives & viewers alike

Panelist: Robert King (The Good Fight), Michelle King (The Good Fight), David Simon (The Deuce),
Moderator: Daniel Fienberg (The Hollywood Reporter)