POV: An Actor in the Pilot Process

Sunday 6/8, 12:00pm
Stephen F. Austin Hotel

If you’re a real TV fan, by now, you’ve heard the term “Pilot Season.” It’s the time of year where the TV industry is creating/producing/selling your potential new favorite series. Studios are producing the shows, networks are buying them, and actors are running all over LA auditioning, reading, and testing for (fingers crossed) their next great role. Hear from a variety of actors as they discuss their experience participating in the sporting event more widely known as “Pilot Season.” From how the process has changed, to losing the role they dreamt about, to getting roles they never thought they would, and all ups and downs in between.

Panelists: Derek Phillips, Stacey Oristano, Sarah DrewTBA
Moderator: Arielle Kebbel