Power(ful) TV: A Look at Socially Impactful Television (presented with Television Academy)

Date: Saturday, 6/10

Through its innate intimacy and week-to-week stories, television is arguably our most impactful medium, having the power to literally change hearts and minds. Hear creators, EPs, and executives discuss how their series have surpassed diversity trends and token characters by organically weaving in storylines of race, religion, sexual assault, the foster care system, immigration, health care, and many many more, with the belief that exposing audiences to a variety of people, experiences, and worlds they might never encounter will normalize these unfamiliar issues and defuse them once and for all.

Panelists: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Sweet/Vicious), Justin Simien (Dear White People), Gloria Calderon Kellett (One Day at a Time), David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights)
Moderator: Maury McIntyre (President, Television Academy)