POWER(FUL) TV presented by the Television Academy

Date: Saturday, June 8

Through innate intimacy and week-to-week stories, television is arguably our most impactful medium, having the power to change hearts and minds. Hear creators, writers, and actors discuss how series can rise above trends and token characters by weaving in storylines of gender, race, religion, aging, immigration, health care, and many more — all with the belief that exposing audiences to a variety of people, experiences, and worlds they might never encounter will foster understanding, empathy, and community. 

Panelists: Elisabth R. Finch (Co-EP/Writer, Grey’s Anatomy), Robia Rashid, (Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer, Atypical), Sunil Nayar (Co-Showrunner/Executive Producer, The Red Line), Dee Harris-Lawrence, (Showrunner/Executive Producer, David Makes Man), Justin Baldoni (Executive Producer/Director/Actor/Entrepreneur,My Last Days)

Moderator: Maury McIntryre (President and Chief Operating Officer, Television Academy)