Storytellers on the Frontlines of Change: The Refugee & Asylum Seeker Crisis presented by Amnesty International

Date: Saturday, June 8

As the crisis at the border continues, Amnesty International has been mobilizing and uniting people to welcome refugees and asylum seekers who are fleeing violence and persecution. Too often, these people are portrayed in politics and in the media as two-dimensional tropes — victims or villains — without a platform or access to tell their own stories. So what is the role of television in breaking down these harmful stereotypes? Join us for a conversation with writers & advocates to discuss how to restore agency to refugees and asylum seekers through inclusive representation, multi-faceted characters, and humanist narratives.

Elisabeth R. Finch (Co-EP/Writer, Grey’s Anatomy), Alexander Woo (co-creator/showrunner/executive producer, The Terror: Infamy); Rafael Agustin (Writer, Jane the Virgin), Mike Royce (Creator/Writer/EP, One Day at a Time) 

Moderator: Ashley Houghton​ (Tactical Campaigns Manager, Amnesty International​)