Reflective Casting: Trends or Content? presented by Casting Society of America

Date:  Friday, 6/5
Time: 1:30 PM
Venue: SFA Assembly Room

From beginning to end, casting directors work with directors, writers, and producers to shape the look and feel of a series from leads to guest stars. They are the front line in creating the casts of your favorite series. Listen to this unique and diverse group discuss the trends they have seen in the past and in the current landscape of TV. Casting series like Girls, Orange is the New Black, Fresh Off the Boat, they have seen the rise of series to include more diversity. Keeping in mind that diversity means more than just “people of color” — and includes all minorities from gender, race, and sexualities.

As the casting (and TV) world finally appears to be shifting towards an accurate portrayal of the world we live in hear their perspective on if it is the content or the trends that are driving casting and creating new movements.

Panelists: Jen Euston (Girls, Orange is the New Black), Tracy Lilienfield (Grace& Frankie, Dream On), Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd (Moesha, Being Mary Jane), and Alyssa Weisberg (Lost, Workaholics)
Moderator: Laura Prudom