Resistance, Inclusion, and Creating Authentic Muslim Narratives presented by MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau

Date: Thursday, June 6

Following the 2016 presidential election, U.S. culture saw a dangerous rise in anti-Muslim sentiment, rousing many in the entertainment industry to resist with a counter-narrative of inclusion. Within days MPAC (the Muslim Public Affairs Council) was flooded with inquiries requesting consultation on television shows with Muslim characters and recommendations for repped Muslim screenwriters to join their writers rooms. This panel of TV creatives, executives, and consultants discuss how they’ve impacted the industry in the last two years by raising the quantity and quality of Muslim characters; their efforts to increase visibility on and off-screen; and the forward-thinking importance of turning this moment into a sustained movement.

Panelists: Carina Adly MacKenzie (showrunner/EP, Roswell, New Mexico), Nijla Mu’min (writer/director, Jinn), Mohammed Amer (Actor, Ramy); Sue Obeidi (Director, Muslim Public Affairs Council’s (MPAC) Hollywood Bureau)


Moderator: Sonia Saraiya (Vanity Fair)