Round 1: Penultimate vs. Finale

Date: Saturday, June 9

Penultimates (a.k.a second to last, a.k.a the one before the end) are often beautiful works of episodic TV that are favored over the finale by critics and fans alike. Is it a fair fight though? A penultimate has all of the advantages of a finale – fully formed storylines, character development, complicated relationships – yet, none of the added pressure or immense expectation of tying up lose ends, creating closure, and assuring the final moment is both earned and satisfying. Join creators, executives, and critics as they debate the pros and cons of penultimates vs. finales, including some of their all time favorites.

Panelist: Christopher C. Rogers (Halt and Catch Fire), Sarah Treem (The Affair), Dustin Thomason (Castle Rock), Sam Shaw (Castle Rock)
Moderator: Daniel Fienberg (The Hollywood Reporter)