Shifting Landscapes: The Effect of 9/11 on Storytelling

Date: Friday, 6/10
Time: 3:30 PM
Venue: SFA Ballroom

TV has the power to be reflective, contemplative – and at times, eerily prescient. The aftermath of 9/11 signaled a fundamental shift in storytelling, heightening the sensitivity in themes of suspicion, terrorism, and pro or anti-American mentalities. The creators of series that focus on these subjects (24, The West Wing, Colony, and Rescue Me) discuss the practical impact of 9/11 on long-form storytelling, the evolution of it over the past 15 years, and with the current power of television, what level of social responsibility there should be in writing a story that could contribute to stereotyping or invoke fear-mongering towards different cultures and social groups throughout the world.

Panelists: Denis Leary (Rescue Me), Peter Tolan (Rescue Me), Ryan Condal (Colony), Melissa Fitzgerald (The West Wing), Howard Gordon (Homeland)
Moderator: Sandra Gonzalez (Mashable)