Shifting Roles & Changing Perceptions

SFA Assembly Room

Once people decide who you are and what you can do, it is difficult to change their minds.   The television industry is no different.  These panelists have not only avoided being type-cast and pigeon-holed, they have created (and wildly succeeded) at changing directions from writer to actor (and back), actor to director to EP, and scripted to reality.  All of our panelists juggle various titles and move from in front of to behind the camera and back again.

Panelists: Tom Verica (actor on American Dreams, now EP/director on Scandal), Scott Auckerman (podcast/radio host to writer/producer/actor of Comedy Bang! Bang! for IFC), Dan Bucatinsky (novelist, creator, executive producer of both unscripted and scripted series, and actor), and Brad Bell (writer and actor)

Moderator: Andrew Miller