“I don’t watch TV, but I do tweet…”

SFA Assembly Room

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t watch TV.” Then there is a pause, before they finish their sentence, “…but I did just marathon watch House of Cards on Netflix.” Or “I borrowed my friend’s DVDs and watched The Wire for the first time!” Or maybe, how they watch Revenge but only on ABC.com?

How do you watch TV? On an actual TV? On a computer? With a Roku? On Netflix? Do you have a 2nd screen? Maybe a third one? What’s on it? Twitter? Facebook? Viggle? Get Glue?

Whether you watch week-to-week or consume in massive marathon-viewing, television is becoming an “any way you want it” medium that no one fully knows how to monitor or gage just yet.  Hear from the executives, actors, and creators who are in the midst of the changing landscape of how we watch TV.  These panelists have seen how social media has brought their audience back to “live viewing,” resurrected shows that before the digital age might have been forgotten, and have given the viewer the power to decide when and where (and sometimes how) their favorite show will unfold.

Panelists: Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, Arielle Kebbel, Julie Plec, Brad Bell

Moderator: Laura Prudom