Sons of Anarchy: The Directors

Date: Saturday, 6/10

Adrenalized soap opera, bloody pulp fiction, highly complex characters…” For seven seasons, an all-star slate of television directors deftly navigated the challenging gauntlet set forth in Kurt Sutter’s Shakespearean biker drama, Sons of Anarchy — a series that featured some of television’s most gruesome violence and debauchery, while also tenderly exploring the dynamics of power, legacy, and family through a thoughtful lens. From alumni of The Shield to seasoned veterans, this group of directors reunite to reflect upon their craft, their methods of navigating the tonal shifts of this darkly funny series, and the lessons learned from their time with the Men of Mayhem.

Panelists: Kurt Sutter (Writer/Creator/Director/EP), Paris Barclay (Director/EP), Guy Ferland (Director), Adam Arkin (Director/Actor)
Moderator: Mandi Bierly (Yahoo! TV)