Structure of a Sitcom…and the Rise of the Anti-Sitcom

SFA Ballroom

Just because it’s funny doesn’t mean there aren’t rules.  Half-hour sitcoms have changed dramatically in the last five…ten…fifteen years, but have the rules?  The goal is to make you laugh, but most sitcoms have a lot of heart and a strong message.  Some are centered around family values (Home ImprovementThe Cosby Show), others have social and political messages (All in the Family), some seek to make you feel uncomfortable and awkward (Arrested Development), but all have a sense of structure.  Or do they?  Hear veterans of both sitcoms and the rise of new-comedy formats —  from writers to producers to directors discuss what goes into creating some of your favorite sitcoms.

Panelists: Tim Doyle, Dan Harmon, Rob Schrab, Paul Scheer

Moderator: Emily Moss Wilson