The Casting Director’s Production presented by The Casting Society

Friday 6/6, 2:30pm
Stephen F. Austin Hotel

The right casting choice can make or break a series, change the landscape of a story, or launch a career. However, the Casting Director’s role is more complex than simply picking the right actor for the job. Seth Yanklewitz (VP of Network casting for Fox), Tracy Lilienfield (Will & Grace/New Adventures of Old Christine), and Jennifer Euston (Orange Is The New Black/Girls/Veep) discuss their contribution to the production of a TV show, the balance of creative collaboration with producers and directors, working within the studio and network system, the difficulties that come (but don’t end) with pilot season, and the gut instinct of deciding who is right (or wrong) for a role and then fighting for it.

Panelists: Seth Yanklewitz, Tracey Lilienfield, Jennifer Euston
Moderator: Liz Tigelaar