The Director’s Medium

Date: Saturday, 6/11
Time: 3 PM
Venue: SFA Assembly Room

In a medium that ostensibly belongs to writers, what creative input does the TV director get, have, or fight for? Outside of the clear task of running the physical production and shooting an episode on site — what contribution does s/he get to impart on the storytelling process? From producing directors to weekly “guests” of the production, hear what goes into balancing a show’s pre-established voice while leaving a mark in a medium driven by the script and narrative of its writers. With directors who have effortlessly slipped in and out of the stark realism of corrupt Baltimore, to the ambitious world of pro basketball in Atlanta, to the rapid-fire banter of the White House, we explore the evolving abilities of the TV director and discuss the balance between individuality and service to the larger story.

Panelists: Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing), Ali LeRoi (Survivor’s Remorse), Rosemary Rodriguez (The Good Wife)
Moderator: Alan Sepinwall (HitFix)