The Presidents of the State of TV

Date: Friday, 6/9

From network to cable to streaming platforms, these individuals are deciding the fate of your current and future favorite programming. As we continue to live in a perpetual state of “Peak TV,” how does a network or studio decide what content to create? How do they balance their brand, while continuing to grow and challenge their viewers? As the landscape grows, “channels” are racing to build audiences’ trust in what can be expected from their content — but budgets get tighter, decisions to make a pilot vs. straight to series get harder, which equals a rising pressure to define their brands and establish audiences.

Panelists: Jennifer Salke (NBC Entertainment), Casey Bloys (HBO), Nick Grad (FX), Craig Erwich (Hulu), Gary Levine (Showtime)
Moderator: Debra Birnbaum (Variety)