TV Mixtapes: The Ultimate Playlist

Date: Saturday, 6/10

In the age of too-many-shows-and-not-enough-time, a distinct musical language can be the make or break element that sets a series apart and strikes a lingering note with viewers. When creating a “world” and “setting the tone,” it starts with the music supervisor and creator and expands from there. What’s the secret to crafting the perfect TV mixtape — one that lends page & screen to ear & emotion, and keeps viewers thinking about a show long after an episode ends? Join us for an in-depth look at the delicate (and often powerful connection) between the right song and the right scene, and the creative collaboration between producers & the music supervisors who craft the sound of their show.

Panelists:  Maggie Phillips & Dave Andron (Snowfall), Liza Richardson & David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights), Justin Simien (Dear White People)
Moderator: Michael Schneider (IndieWire)