Understanding the Enemy

Date: Saturday, 6/10

A common element of humanity that spans generations of social and cultural interactions, and is deeply embedded in our DNA, is the concept of the “enemy” (or the “other”) that we all must face. Whether it is external or internal, this conflict continues to grip us as we explore the meaning of our own enemy: what it means to be one, to have one, and ultimately, understand and see the “other” as human. These writers discuss the questions they’re forced to confront in crafting “both sides” of a story, exploring human and character motivations in creating understanding, challenging notions of “good” and “bad,” and how they have to abandon (or reconsider) preconceived notions of “who” is the enemy.

Panelists: Joe Weisberg (The Americans), Joel Fields (The Americans), Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Graham Yost (Sneaky Pete)
Moderator: Eric Goldman (IGN)