UNPRODUCED: Live Script Reading & Look Inside the Pilot Process

UNPRODUCED: Live Script Reading & Look Inside the Pilot Process

Date: Friday, June 7

Come hear the live pilot script reading of WANNABES an un-produced half hour dramedy pilot by Courtney and Edward Kirkpatrick, with ATX panelists as the special guest cast. Set in 1997 Fort Worth, Texas: WANNABES is the story of 18-year-old Chloe — a should-be rockstar with one foot out of the closet — and the band she all but wills into existence. It’s about growing up, chasing down your dreams, and being full of more dumb, wild hope then you’ll ever have again in your life. Following the reading, Courtney and Edward will be joined by additional showrunners for a conversation on writing pilots, the difference between writing on spec vs for hire, the process of changing a show’s structure, and what happens after the script is complete

Cast: Haley Tju (Chloe); Arielle Kebbel (Anirta), Nick Wechsler (Judd); Lincoln Younes (Wes), Jamie Denbo (Chloe/Parker’s Mom), Stacey Oristano (Jennifer/ Sorority Girl / Fuente Grande Manager); Katherine Willis (Libby/ Wes’ Mom / Serena Atschul); Josh Chisom – Banks; Carlo Lorenzo Garcia (Connor/Chloe’s Stepdad)

Panelists: Courtney Kirkpatrick & Edward Kirkpatrick (co-creators/writers); Graham Yost (Justified); Rachel Rusch (Senior Vice President of Television, Bad Robot); Laura Chinn (Creator/EP/Actor, Florida Girls), Anna Fricke (Writer/Co-EP, Men In Trees)

Moderator: Daniel Fienberg (The Hollywood Reporter)