UnSeasonably: A Look at Breaking the Traditional TV Season

Date: Saturday, 6/6
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: SFA Assembly Room

Traditional seasons are a thing of the past. With new content available to viewers at all times, and the distance between seasons being anywhere from 6 weeks to 22 months, there is a new reality that TV is a year-round industry. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that audiences may forget about a return of a show until it magically appears on their DVRs. In this ultra-competitive landscape, and with the number of people that forgo the traditional cable package for an array of streaming devices skyrocketing, series are forced to connect with fans between “seasons” to keep an audience. Hear how creators, networks, and studios are engaging with social media, casting news, and supplementary content to keep their viewers’ attention.

Panelists: Noah Hawley, Beau Willimon, Mickey Fisher, Graeme Manson
Moderator: Tim Goodman