Veronica Mars: a TV show…no wait, a Movie!

SFA Ballroom

Hello Marshmallows.  Three seasons.  Constantly on the bubble.  Veronica Mars was a cancelled-WAY-too-soon series that ended in 2007, but not before working its way in to the hearts of viewers both on UPN and CW.  Then the fans demanded its return, and creator Rob Thomas delivered!

Join Rob as he discusses what led to the extraordinary Kickstarter campaign and what it felt like to watch the fans come out in droves to support the show they loved so much.  Rob, along with cast member Chris Lowell (the beloved Piz), will talk about the series, how it’s being turned into a movie, and what it’s like to revisit Neptune six years later.

Panelists: Rob Thomas, Chris Lowell

Moderator: Ben Blacker