What Is YA TV? Exploring the Difference Between Subject and Audience

Date: Friday, 6/10
Time: 12:30 PM
Venue: SFA Ballroom

Young adult novels are not classified by reading level, but rather by the point of view of the main character. Does this same rule apply to YA TV? Some of the creators of the most seminal “teen centered” TV shows discuss what they believe classifies a show as YA, what storylines they will and will not broach when it comes to this age range, and how they have mastered writing from the teenage perspective while garnering audiences of all ages.

Panelists: Anna Fricke (Being Human), Liz Tigelaar (Life Unexpected), Carter Covington (Faking It), Rebecca Serle (Famous in Love)
Moderator: Carina MacKenzie, Jarett Wieselman (BuzzFeed)