Season 8 Bumper Submissions

Calling all TV Campers: We WANT YOU!

If you’ve joined us at the festival in past years you’ve seen our “bumpers” starring ATX panelists, including some of your favorite television casts and creators. This year our goal is to showcase the ATX Community in a bigger way, so we’re asking you to be in them, too!

In the past year, we’ve been exploring a BIG central question through programming and conversation:: Why does TV matter? (We even hosted a panel in Season 7 asking that very question!)

TV can impact us in so many ways — from simply being entertaining, to creating opportunity, to expanding representation, and we’re constantly exploring how that affects those who make it and those that watch. So, now we specifically want to hear why TV matters to you!

Tell us all about the TV series, storylines, characters, and creatives that mean the most to you. We want to know who and what has had the biggest impact on your life, and why! Share with us just how much TV matters by recording a short video answering the prompts below… then you may be featured on our social media and in our Official Season 8 Festival Bumper next June!

If you want to participate, check out the guidelines, prompts, and form below (and feel free to email us at with any questions), then all you have to do is press record! We can’t wait to hear your story!

— Team ATX


  • Start your video by introducing yourself. (It’s ok, if you just want to use your first name!)
  • When answering questions, please rephrase the question as part of your answer. For example, “What is your earliest TV memory?” start by saying “My earliest TV memory is…”
  • You are welcome to answer as many or as few question as you want — but all answers should be contained in one video.
  • Videos can be no longer than 4 minutes in total.
  • .MP4 and .MOV. file formats strongly preferred.
  • Videos recorded on mobile devices should be filmed in horizontal/landscape orientation. (See example.)
  • Video title should be formatted as: “ATX Bumper – FULL NAME(S)”



  • What is your earliest TV memory? (“My earliest TV memory is…”)
  • What TV series means the most to you? Why? (“The TV series that means the most to me is…”)
  • What storyline or character has stayed with you long after you watched it? Why?
  • What TV show do you go to when you need a pick me up? Why?
  • What is a TV storyline that made you emotional (ugly cry, laugh hysterically, scared to look under the bed, mad to the point of seeing red)? And why?
  • When/what TV show helped you bond with someone? Who? How?
  • When did a TV show help break the ice with someone (friend, colleague, stranger on a plane)? What? How?
  • What character or storyline helped others understand you or something you were going through?
  • When did you first see yourself represented on TV?
  • What character or storyline motivated you to try something new? Change jobs, move towns, start a new hobby?
  • Tell us about how you watch TV:
    • Do you have watch parties? Tell us what shows, who comes, and describe the parties.
    • Do you talk about your shows on social media? Comment on blogs? Tell us your favorite platforms and the types of conversations you have.
    • Do you regularly discuss with family or friends after you watch? Which shows? Tell us about how you gush, or debate (or argue) with your TV family ie. In regards to Younger, are you and your friends #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles?


After you’ve recorded your video (no longer than 4 minutes)…

  • CLICK HERE to access the Bumper Submission Folder on Dropbox. (Note: You do NOT need to register for a Dropbox account to submit.)
  • Select the file you want to upload, and enter your first & last name and email address.
  • Hit submit. Allow the video to upload fully (100%).
  • After video has uploaded successfully, you must complete the entry form & waiver below. Videos submitted without a corresponding form will not be reviewed. 
  • Deadline to Submit: FEBRUARY 1

Before completing your submission form, please review our TERMS OF USE.



After you’ve submitted, feel free to share it! No need to be secretive! From our TV Family to yours, it is a great time of year to let everyone know about the TV that means the most to you and why. Be sure to include us with @ATXFestival handle and hashtag #WhyTVMatters.