Am I allowed to take videos during panels / Q&As?

Nope. There are copyright and legal considerations that prevent us from allowing videos inside festival events, and we ask that all attendees respect those considerations throughout the weekend.* That said, our videographers do a great job documenting the whole festival, so why don’t you sit back, relax, and let us do the recording for you!

You are welcome to take pictures as long as you are respectful to both panelists and other attendees — no flashes allowed and don’t hold your phone up throughout the duration of the programming. It’s distracting, can obstruct others’ views, and keeps you from really experiencing the panel.

You can check out our Filming / Recording Policy here.

*You will be asked to acknowledge this policy when signing for your ATX TV Festival Credentials at registration, and we reserve the right to pursue the removal of any illegally obtained media from public forums.