a. Judges. For each Round, a panel of 3 – 6 (or more) people selected by Sponsor (“Judges”) will evaluate the eligible Entries for the Round and will select the Entries to advance to the next Round. The Judges will consist of television industry writers, showrunners, executives, and other professionals.

b. Judging Criteria. For each Round, the Judges will assign Entries a score ranging from a low of ten (10) points to a high of fifty (50) points for each of the following skill-based criteria (“Judging Criteria”):

  1. Series potential (would this be a TV show that audiences would like to watch?)
    • Episodic potential of series being pitched
    • Entrant’s success in proving this potential
  2. Description of characters/world
    • How clearly is the world explained (i.e. Can you picture “where” the characters exist based on the pitch?)
    • The description of the characters (i.e. Are you able to tell “who” the series is about?)
  3. Clearness/conciseness of the Pitch
    • The Entrant’s ability to clearly deliver the Pitch (Were they succinct?)
    • Were the concept, world, characters, etc. explained in a logical/effective manner?
  4. Style
    • Is the Entrant’s style engaging, provoking, interesting? Do you want to see/hear more about the series?
    • Is the Pitch original? Is it a new story or a familiar story with a fresh take?
  5. Script Sample
    • Does the script sample provided enhance the Pitch’s episodic potential? (i.e. Does the writing bring clarity to and/or reinforce the story’s world, characters, concept, and tone?)
    • Does the script sample provided showcase the Entrant’s ability to write the story being pitched?

In the event of a tie for a Semi-Finalist, Finalist, Runner-Up, or Grand Prize Winner, the potential winner as between any Entrants will be the Entry with the higher score for criterion one – Series Potential. Thereafter, if a tie still remains among any Entries, the potential winner will be selected based on the highest score for the subsequent criteria until the potential winner is determined – with the subsequent order of tie-breaking criteria to be as follows: criteria two-Description of the characters world; then criteria three-Clearness/Conciseness of the Pitch, then criteria four-Style, and then criteria five-Script Sample.