Season 10 Panels

We’re working with individuals and partners to roll over as much Season 9 (2020) Programming as possible to Season 10 (2021) or Season 11 (2022). So be make sure to check back for updates!

Cougar Town Reunion, Justified Writers Room Reunion, Parenthood: 10th Anniversary Script Reading & Panel, Scrubs: 10 Year Reunion, all originally scheduled for Season 9 (2020), will be moved to Season 11 (2022).

  • Abortion & Reproductive Rights on TV presented by The Syndication Project & Hollywood, Health & Society

    Abortion storylines are becoming more commonplace, but many still aren’t reflective of the real-life circumstances of most abortion patients in the U.S. – from representation of race and class, to access and parental status. This panel will explore how TV can further improve depictions of abortion onscreen, and how by creating awareness and lowering the disparities between fictional representation and real-world statistics, the industry can use its power on and off screen to encourage proactiveness around reproductive health.

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  • ATX Award in Television eXcellence: Michael J. Fox

    ATX TV Festival is honored to present its annual “Award in Television eXcellence” to five-time Emmy award winning and four-time Golden Globe winning actor, producer, activist, and New York Times best-selling author Michael J. Fox. First given in 2014, the award seeks to recognize individuals whose career reflects the very best of television, through work that is thought-provoking, genuine, expansive, and ultimately, entertaining. As this year’s honoree, Fox will join the festival for an intimate, retrospective conversation spanning his iconic performances on Family Ties and Spin City, critically acclaimed guest turns on The Good Wife and Rescue Me, his recent memoir, “No Time Like the Future,” and more.

    Panelist: Michael J. Fox

    Moderator: Denis Leary

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  • ATX Breakthrough Award: Angelica Ross

    ATX is honored to present its very first Breakthrough Award to actor, writer, producer, and human rights advocate Angelica Ross (Pose). The inaugural award seeks to recognize a creative voice who has made a unique and substantial imprint on TV, and exemplifies not only the current moment in television, but the possibilities of its future. Ross will be joined by a special guest moderator for a one-on-one conversation about her multi-hyphenate career, her advocacy work, and her work in TV, which includes Emmy-nominated web series Her Story, Danger and Eggs, Claws, Transparent, and her breakthrough role on FX’s critically-acclaimed series Pose as Candy Ferocity from the House of Abundance. In 2019, Ross made history by becoming the first trans actress to secure two series regular roles with Pose and American Horror Story: 1984. She can next be seen in American Horror Story: Double Feature, premiering later this year on FX.

    Panelist: Angelica Ross

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  • Beyond the Scares: Emotional Catharsis & Healing in Horror

    The fundamental aim of Horror may be to thrill, spook, and scare — but like any genre, great horror can also transcend its conventions, providing a unique kind of emotional catharsis by serving as a “safe” space to process real-life fears and anxieties. Join the creatives behind TVs creepiest fare for a conversation about using horror/genre elements to subvert audience expectations, explore complex concepts like grief and trauma, and restore agency to characters that have traditionally been depicted as “victims.”

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  • Buying & Selling with 20/20 Hindsight

    Heading in to 2020, the TV business was already facing seismic shifts brought on by multiple factors such as new direct-to-consumer streaming services entering the marketplace, declining ratings for ad-driven outlets, a changing international market, and a reckoning on agency packaging fees, to name a few. Add in an unprecedented global pandemic that halted production on 200 shows overnight, and you’ve got the makings of a disruption that could change TV economics forever. What does the business look like as we emerge from this pandemic and what lies ahead?

    Hear from studio, network, streamer, and production company executives as they reflect on 2020 and predict the future state of buying and selling a TV show in 2021. 

    Panelists: Bryan Seabury (EVP Drama Development, Broadcast and Cable Programming, CBS Television Studios), Kathleen McCaffrey (SVP Programming, HBO), Parul Agrawal (Vice President of Drama Development, Warner Brothers Television), Ali Krug (Vice President, Television, Annapurna TV), Amanda Burrell (President, Team Downey)

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  • Channel Changers: A Conversation with TV’s Leaders

    An industry-forward conversation with top network, studio, and streamer executives about the state of the industry, the personal and professional philosophies they bring to their individual brands, and why inclusivity at all levels remains imperative to producing bigger and better storytelling.

    Panelists: Sarah Aubrey (Head of Original Content, HBO Max), Lisa Katz (President, Entertainment Scripted Content, NBCU Television and Streaming), Tina Perry (President, OWN), Karey Burke (President, 20th Television), Christina Davis (President, Original Programming, Starz), Jana Winograde (President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc)

    Moderator: Jessica Radloff, Glamour’s West Coast Editor

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  • Essential Stories: Medical Series Approach a Real-Life Pandemic presented by Hollywood, Health & Society

    When Coronavirus struck in 2020, not only was the TV industry faced with halting and reimagining  production, but creatives faced the question of whether or not to address the ongoing crisis within the fictional worlds of their shows. For medical series, the question loomed even larger — on one hand, an immense challenge and opportunity to pay tribute to the healthcare workers who remain essential; on the other, risking burn-out from audiences looking to escape reality. In this conversation, we’ll explore the challenges, logistics, and emotional reality of producing a medical drama throughout a pandemic.

    Panelists: Joseph Kay (Showrunner/EP, Transplant), David Schulner (Showrunner/EP, New Amsterdam), Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider (Co-Showrunners/EPs, Chicago Med), Zoanne Clack, M.D. (Writer/EP, Grey’s Anatomy), Amy Holden Jones (Co-Creator/EP, The Resident)

    Neal Baer, M.D. (Writer/EP, ER)

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  • Growing Up Is Hard: A New Generation of YA Protagonists

    Being a teenager has always been hard, but the issues they are facing in 2021 are beyond most adults’ comprehension. How these issues are portrayed on TV is as widely varied as the matters themselves and differs greatly depending on the perspective of the protagonist. These YA creators and actors discuss how they approach these stories based on who their character(s) is: their race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic level, religion, etc. And how do each of these elements change how these complex stories are told?

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  • Guess Who’s Laughing Now presented by The Syndication Project & GLAAD

    From Ellen to Will & Grace to Modern Family, some of the most culturally significant shows have featured queer characters stealing scenes in sitcoms, and hearts as they do. Trans characters, however, have more often than not been the target of punchlines, or made into the joke altogether. The tide is turning thanks to a new wave of trans creators, writers, and performers who are bringing their comedic voice to the forefront. Join us for a conversation about comedic boundaries (or lack thereof), writing for the 2021 viewer (whoever that is), and being really f*cking funny (why the hell not, we deserve).

    Panelists: Jesse Leigh (actor, Rutherford Falls), Nava Mau (actor, Genera+ion), Armand Fields (actor, Work in Progress), Rain Valdez (creator/executive producer/actor, Razor Tongue)

    Moderator: Alex Schmider (Associate Director of Transgender Representation, GLAAD)

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  • HIV/AIDS on TV presented by The Syndication Project & Hollywood, Health & Society

    Just as television creatives in the last year were faced with a choice to engage (or not engage) with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the industry faced a similar choice in the 1980s with the arrival of HIV & AIDS. As the virus progressed in real time, so did lack of information, fear, and ignorance — which was often reflected on screen though early portrayals of HIV and AIDS that were problematic to the very communities most devastated by the virus.

    The ‘90s brought a rise in more educated and empathetic portrayals with ER and Life Goes On, opening the door to even more nuanced storylines on Brothers & Sisters, How to Get Away with Murder, and Looking. All of these series allowed TV to explore HIV not as a death sentence, but as a medical condition to be managed and treated like any other, without stigmatization.

    This conversation will explore TV’s complicated history in regards to HIV & AIDS storylines, and the ways in which it has dismantled stereotypes by showing those living with HIV and AIDS as capable of not just surviving, but thriving.

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  • Horror Anthologies presented by SHUDDER

    AMC Networks’ premium streamer SHUDDER will present a “Horror Anthologies” panel, exploring the modern series that have become successors to classics like Creepshow and Tales of the Crypt, and the ways in which the horror genre is so uniquely suited to the “short story” mode of storytelling.

    Panelists: Greg Nicotero (showrunner/writer/executive producer/director, Creepshow), Tananarive Due (writer, Untitled Black Horror Anthology), Steven Barnes (writer, Untitled Black Horror Anthology), additional TBA

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  • Indigenize the Narrative presented by The Syndication Project

    Native American and Indigenous storytellers long preceded the days of television, but have largely been excluded from the industry, stereotyped by inauthentic storytelling, or erased from the picture altogether. However, these creatives are changing TV for the better, and reclaiming their long-overdue seat at the table. Join us for a conversation with the Native American and Indigenous actors, writers, directors, and producers that are recentering Indigenous storytelling and producing dynamic TV in the process.

    Panelists: Sierra Teller Ornelas (showrunner/executive producer/co-creator, Rutherford Falls), Sydney Freeland (director, Rutherford Falls, The Wilds), Michael Greyeyes (actor, Rutherford Falls), Kimberly Guerrero (actor, Rutherford Falls, The Wilds), Migizi Pensoneau (writer, Two Sentence Horror Stories, Reservation Dogs)

    Moderator: Vincent Schilling (Indian Country Today)

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  • New Voices: Launching A First Series

    “New Voices: Launching A First Series”: First-time showrunners Konrad Kay and Mickey Down from HBO’s drama Industry, Crystal Moselle from HBO’s comedy Betty, and Christina Lee from HBO Max’s dark comedy Made for Love discuss the origin stories behind their series, the creative and practical lessons they learned at the helm, and the impact they hope to make in the entertainment industry.

    Panelists: Konrad Kay (Industry), Mickey Down (Industry), Crystal Moselle (Betty), Christina Lee (Made for Love)

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  • Pandemic Proof: Adult Animation

    A look into the resilience of animated series since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Writers, voice actors, and animators will discuss the creative challenges (and advantages) of remote production, and the unique adaptability that allowed these pandemic-proof series to continue creating in the face of an industry-wide shutdown.

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  • Showrunner State of the Union

    A wide-ranging conversation with TV’s top showrunners about the current (and future) state of TV, production, and leadership within the industry.

    Panelists: Angela Kang (showrunner/executive producer, The Walking Dead), Steven Canals (showrunner/executive producer/director, Pose), Michael Waldron (head writer/executive producer, Loki), Courtney Lilly (showrunner / executive producer, black-ish), Robin Thede (creator/showrunner/executive producer/actor, A Black Lady Sketch Show)

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  • The Messy Middle presented by The Syndication Project & DREDF’s Disability Media Alliance Project

    While overall representation of disabilities on TV is slowly but surely improving, many series still tend to depict characters with visible disabilities as the Tragic Victim or the Heroic Martyr — but rarely are they depicted as people, with all the complexities that entails. We’ll sit down with the writers and actors who are exploring the uncharted territory of the “messy middle,” where characters with disabilities are just as flawed, funny, and despicable as anyone else. They’ll also discuss how creatives can push beyond the fear of getting it “wrong” when it comes to disability representation, and what getting it “right” actually means.

    Panelists: Steve Way (actor, Ramy), Sofiya Cheyenne (actor, Loudermilk), Ryan J. Haddad (actor, The Politician), Katherine Beattie (writer/producer, NCIS: New Orleans), Kayla Cromer (actor, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay)

    Moderator: Kristen Lopez (IndieWire)

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  • The Queer Gaze

    An in-depth conversation with creators, writers and directors about producing authentically Queer stories, pushing TV beyond the lens of heteronormativity, and the urgency of creating a more inclusive Queer canon for modern LGBTQ+ audiences.

    Panelists: Josh Feldman (Showrunner/EP/Actor, This Close), Silas Howard (Director, Dickinson), Brian Tanen (Showrunner/EP, Love, Victor), Lisa France (Director, Queen Sugar)

    Moderator: Tanya Saracho (Showrunner/EP/Director, Vida)

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