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TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream
10-10:45 AM       Location: Stephen F. Austin

From Star Trek to Teen Wolf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Grimm, hear some of the top television writers of today discuss how the world of fantasy on the small screen has shifted from a select cult few to the mainstream and profitable genre it is today.

Jeff Davis — creator; MTV’s Teen Wolf
Ben Edlund — writer; Firefly, Supernatural
Jane Espenson — writer/producer; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Game of Thrones
Richard Hatem — writer; Grimm
Jose Molina — writer; Firefly, Grimm, upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries

Moderator: Ben Blacker — Nerdist Writers Panel

The Creators
11:15-12 PM        Location: Stephen F. Austin

A behind-the-scenes look into the role of TV show creators (and showrunners): how an idea becomes a pilot, the challenges of working with networks and studios, and the variety of roads a series can take.

Noah Hawley — creator; The Unusuals, My Generation
Kyle Killen — creator; Awake, Lone Star
Kevin Biegel — co-creator, Cougar Town
Mark Schwahn — creator; One Tree Hill
Liz Tigelaar — creator; Life Unexpected

Moderator: Jordan Levin — former CEO of The WB; and current CEO of Generate and President of Alloy Digital

Friday Night Lights Revisited
11:30-12:30 PM         Location: Stephen F. Austin

Take a walk down memory lane before Saturday night’s outdoor screening (Hotel San Jose) with the creator, producer, writers, music supervisor, and cast. Find out why this series holds a special place in the hearts of those that created it, and the fans that devoured it.

Dora Madison Burge — cast
Gaius Charles — cast
David Hudgins — writer/executive producer
Michael B. Jordan — cast
Jason Katims — writer/executive producer
Matt Lauria — cast
Jesse Plemons — cast
Scott Porter — cast
Liza Richardson — music supervisor
Louanne Stephens — cast
Alicia Witt — cast

Moderator: Ben Blacker — Nerdist Writers Panel

Women on Television
12:15-1 PM       Location: Stephen F. Austin

Women on TV. A dangerous topic. One filled with stereotypes, eye rolls, and exasperated sighs of annoyance. These women are going to take a stab at the topics that are both said too much and not enough.

Jane Espenson — creator/writer; Husbands, Warehouse 13, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica
Erica Messer — showrunner; Criminal Minds
Liz Tigelaar — creator/writer; Life Unexpected, Revenge, American Dreams

Moderator: Meg Masters — TVLine

Adult Swim, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and ATX Festival Present:  Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV::
12:30-1:30 PM      Location: State Theater

Rob Corddry
Curtis Gwinn
Erinn Hayes
Rob Huebel
Ken Marino
Paul Scheer
Jon Stern
And maybe more….
Moderator: Ben Blacker — Nerdist Writers Panel.

TBS very funny. 
1-1:45 PM         Location: Stephen F Austin

Bill Lawrence — creator, Cougar Town
Kevin Biegel — producer/writer, Cougar Town
Ian Gomez — cast, Cougar Town

Peter Billingsley — executive producer, Sullivan & Son; Dinner for Five
Steve Byrne — cast/writer, Sullivan & Son
Ahmed Ahmed — cast, Sullivan & Son

Moderator: Emily Moss Wilson

Book to TV Series
1:15-2 PM         Location: Stephen F. Austin

Have you ever noticed how many series are based on books? Friday Night Lights…book. Love Monkey…book. Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, True Blood…we’re running out of breath. There are a lot, and whether the book was a series or a stand alone it can spawn a series full of characters.

Listen to development executives, writers, producers, and cast talk about how you tackle original source material, how you please both the fans of the book and those that are just tuning in, and what happens when the book ends, but the show continues on.

David Hudgins — writer/executive producer on Friday Night Lights
Bob Levy — Alloy Entertainment Executive (The Lying Game, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl)
Julie Plec — creator of The Vampire Diaries
Michael Rauch — creator of Love Monkey

Moderator: Meg Masters; TVLine

One Tree Hill Says Goodbye
2:15-3 PM            Location: Stephen F. Austin

“The little engine that could.” That’s what they call fan-favorite One Tree Hill. After 9 seasons, hear from creator Mark Schwahn, cast members, and the network executive who gave it a chance to succeed. We said goodbye to Tree HIll this year, but it’s never really goodbye.

James Lafferty — cast
Lindsey McKeon — cast
Mark Schwahn — creator

Moderator: Jordan Levin — former CEO of The WB; and current CEO of Generate and President of Alloy Digital

Bill Lawrence and Friends
3:30-4:30 PM         Location: State Theater

Cult Television Favorite, Bill Lawrence — creator of Spin City, Scrubs, and Cougar Town — invites some of his friends to sit down for a chat about their long spanning relationships.

Bill Lawrence
Kevin Biegel — co-creator, Cougar Town; writer, Scrubs
Ian Gomez — cast, Cougar Town
Brian Van Holt — cast, Cougar Town
Neil Flynn — cast, Scrubs, Clone High
More Special Guests Coming…

Love Monkey Retrospective
2:15-3:15 PM         Location: Stephen F. Austin

The 2006 series Love Monkey remains a fan favorite. Revisit the show that went behind-the-scenes of the music industry with New Yorker Tom Ferrell (Tom Cavanagh), after he gets fired from his record executive job and is forced to start over at a small indie label.

Join the series creator and stars as they discuss the making of the show, the numerous musical guests, the on-air shift from network (CBS) to cable (VH1), and where it might have gone had it not been cancelled-too-soon.

Teddy Geiger — cast/musician
Judy Greer — cast
Michael Rauch — creator and executive producer

Moderator: Dina Hillier — former VP of Comedy Development for Sony Television

Stages of a Television Writing Career
3:15-4 PM            Location: Stephen F. Austin

This panel highlights a group of writers all at different stages in their TV writing careers, the diverse roads to to how they got there, and what happens next, proving without a shadow of a doubt that there is no “right way.”

Noah Hawley — creator, The Unusuals, My Generation; writer, Bones
David Hudgins — producer; Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Everwood
Kyle Killen — creator, Lone Star, Awake; writer; The Beaver
Evan Miller & Hardy Janson

Hardy Janson and Evan Miller
Both attended the University of Texas at Austin and together have penned several screenplays including Hook-Ups, which will begin production later this year. The writing team is in the pitch phase for several scripted and unscripted television show ideas that they have created or are producing under their production shingle, Dashboard Pictures.

Kyle Killen joins ATX Festival jumping off his recent drama, “Awake” on NBC, starring Jason Isaacs and Lauren Allen. He created the stylized and critically acclaimed drama “Lone Star,” which aired on Fox. Kyle’s career was launched by an independent feature called “The Beaver” directed by Jodie Foster, who co-starred in the film alongside Mel Gibson. He success continues to rise in both television and film projects, including his most recent film “Scenic Route,” produced by Anonymous Content.

Noah Hawley is the author of four novels, including The Good Father. As a TV writer/producer he created and ran The Unusuals and My Generation, both for ABC. He also wrote the film Lies & Alibis.

David Hudgins started his writing career on the The WB show Everwood, where he rose to the rank of Co-Producer. He then moved to the NBC drama Friday Night Lights, where he served for three seasons as a writer and Co-Executive Producer. In 2010, Mr. Hudgins signed an overall deal at NBC Studios, coming aboard as a Co-Executive Producer on the critically acclaimed drama Parenthood. Mr. Hudgins is currently developing multiple television projects for NBC studios, in addition to writing a pair of feature films. 


Conversation with Jason Katims
10-10:45 AM           Location: Stephen F. Austin

Jason Katims’ television credits include developing and serving as executive producer/showrunner on the critically acclaimed series Parenthood. He was also the executive producer/showrunner of Friday Night Lights, for which he has received numerous accolades including the Peabody Award, the Humanitas Prize, and an Emmy Award for outstanding writing.

Katims started his career in television on My So-Called Life. Following that, Katims was the writer-showrunner and executive producer of Relativity (which he created), Roswell (which he also developed for television), and Boston Public. His film credits include The Vow starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, and The Pallbearer starring David Schwimmer and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Moderator: Jordan Levin — former CEO of The WB; and current CEO of Generate and President of Alloy Digital

Join Jason as he discusses his eclectic career and what the future holds. Special Guests.

Music In Television
11:30-12:15 PM           Location: Stephen F. Austin

Hear from music supervisors, musicians, and series creators on the role of music in modern television series. Bands performing live on the show, “on tonight’s episode” plugs, discovering new talent, and series soundtracks — the possibilities are endless for up and coming artists and established groups.

Lesley Langs — music editor; Royal Pains
Liza Richardson — music supervisor; Friday Night Lights, Parenthood
Landon Pigg — musician
Mark Schwahn — creator; One Tree Hill

Actors Roundtable
12:45-1:30 PM        Location: Stephen F. Austin

How do you create a role from a pilot script? What’s it like to play the same character season after season? Is it hard to walk onto an already established show as a guest star? Some of today’s leading actors talk about the ups and downs of their television careers.

Arielle Kebbel
Matt Lauria
Scott Porter
Shiri Appleby
Britt Robertson
and MORE!

NOTE: *** Schedule is subject to change without notice