• #SpoilerAlert

    Saturday 6/7 1PM
    Stephen F. Austin

    While TV viewing evolves so does our appetite for spoilers. Come be part of a discussion about how spoilers affect how we consume television. Moderated by cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken, panelists will include individuals who work across the entertainment world.

    Panelists: Beau Willimon, Udo Azuba, Nick Wechsler, Kerry Ehrin, Tim Goodman, Eric Pallotta
    Moderator: Grant McCracken

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  • Achievement in Television Excellence Award presented to Henry Winkler

    Saturday 6/7, 11:30am
    State Theater
    (Single Tickets Available)

    ATX Television Festival is presenting the first Achievement in Television Excellence award to Henry Winkler in a ceremony and conversation with the icon himself. Winkler’s body of work encompasses the standards that drive ATX Television Festival: genuine, thoughtful, expansive, and most importantly, entertaining. In an interview with Royal Pains’ executive producer Michael Rauch, Winkler will talk about his early life, influences and what drew him to show business. Hear stories from the sets of iconic series: The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show and Rhoda, and how he created an iconic character with Arther “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on Happy Days. Winkler will discuss what it took to break away from “The Fonz” mold, and how he reinvented himself in unforgettable characters on the small screen, guest starring on The Practice, Childrens Hospital, Parks & Recreation, Arrested Development and Royal Pains, as well as executive producing MacGyver, and his most current development with his son Max, The Winklers on ABC.

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  • An Assistant’s Tale

    Saturday 6/7, 12:00pm
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Breaking into the industry is daunting. There’s no single guaranteed way to accomplish it — you may go to film school, you may not graduate high school, you could start at an agency, a studio, on a production, or even working for your hero. Beginning as an assistant is one of the most common first steps. From personal, to production, to casting, to writing, listen to industry leaders relive first jobs, the most embarrassing (and maybe even shameful) experiences, and the moment when it stopped being about answering the phones and ordering lunch, and they knew it was all worth it.

    Panelists: Liz Tigelaar,  Emily Halpern, Jen Euston
    Moderator: Emily Moss Wilson

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  • Are You Listening?: Fine-tuning the Television Soundtrack

    Saturday 6/7, 3:30 PM
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    As television becomes more cinematic, the swelling of the music must follow suit.  As a single episode now lives on by streaming, DVDs, and downloading, the artists must agree to their songs being used beyond comprehensible scope.  And as audiences can now marathon an entire series, the quality of the music must be as consistent as the plot.  Listen as a composer, producer, music supervisor, and licensor discuss how the evolution of television is affecting the music we hear and how they continue to work together through the new challenges they now face. 

    Panelists: Kyle Killen (executive producer), Blake Neely (composer), Jason Harkins (music supervisor, The Good Wife), Thomas Vale (Frog Music Licensing)

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  • Conversation with Carlton Cuse

    Saturday 6/7, 10am
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Join Carlton Cuse in an intimate discussion that will touch on his influences and TV inspirations, his mentors, tales on how he got his start, and his personal and professional highs and lows. From creating series like “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”, and “Nash Bridges”, to his time as a showrunner and executive producer of the controversial cultural phenomenon “Lost” alongside Damon Lindeloff, to now balancing two different endeavors as co-creator, showrunner, writer and Executive Producer of A&E’s “Bates Motel,” and “The Strain” which premieres at Closing Night of the festival, and debuts this summer on FX Networks.

    Moderator: Alan Sepinwall

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  • It’s All So Dramatic: evolution of the tv drama

    Saturday 6/7, 2:30pm
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    The serialized drama has evolved drastically in the past thirty years. Leading characters have shifted from heroes to anti-heroes, and stories have moved from clear good vs. evil to murky immorality that leaves audiences unsure whom they should root for. Today’s leading drama producers and writers discuss current trends in their genre, including: the expansion to dark and depraved worlds, advantages (or challenges) that come with network or cable (or online), viewing habits of audiences, and if any of these factors have an impact on how they choose to tell their story.

    Panelists: Liz Tigelaar, Mark Johnson, Bryan Seabury (VP of Drama Development at CBS), David Madden (President of Fox TV Studios) more TBA
    Moderator:Todd VanDerWerff

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  • Pairing Off: a look at co-creating & writing partners

    Saturday 6/7, 11:00am
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Every TV series needs a leader. A mastermind known as the showrunner or creator that is setting the tone and pace of the production. But what about a series that is co-created and run by a pair? How do two minds create and execute a singular idea? Listen to writing partners and co-creators discuss how they work, what happens when they have conflicting visions for a character/storyline, and how they implement those ideas within a room full of staff writers

    Panelists: Mike Royce/Ray Romano (Men of a Certain Age); Emily Halpern (Trophy Wife)
    Moderator: Ben Blacker

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  • Pitch Competition presented by Final Draft

    Sunday, 6/8. 10-11:30Am
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Judges: Peter Billingsley, Katie Krentz, Bryan Seabury, Kyle Killen, Dina Hillier, David Hudgins, Jordan Levin

    More info: www.atxfestival.com/pitch

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  • POV: An Actor in the Pilot Process

    Sunday 6/8, 12:00pm
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    If you’re a real TV fan, by now, you’ve heard the term “Pilot Season.” It’s the time of year where the TV industry is creating/producing/selling your potential new favorite series. Studios are producing the shows, networks are buying them, and actors are running all over LA auditioning, reading, and testing for (fingers crossed) their next great role. Hear from a variety of actors as they discuss their experience participating in the sporting event more widely known as “Pilot Season.” From how the process has changed, to losing the role they dreamt about, to getting roles they never thought they would, and all ups and downs in between.

    Panelists: Derek Phillips, Stacey Oristano, Sarah DrewTBA
    Moderator: Arielle Kebbel

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  • Ratings, Recaps, Reviews

    Friday 6/6, 1:30pm
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Kyle Killen knows more about ratings than he cares to, and he’s going to break it down for you starting with who, what, when, where, or IF watching matters. Dissecting Neilsen, DVRs, live viewing, social media, and streaming, he’ll answer questions like: What’s a share? How everyone you know can be talking, tweeting and watching a show, but it still gets canceled? And why do ratings equal cancellation on one network but a hit on another? Tune in to find out how it all translates into keeping your favorite show on, or its eventual demise.

    Following his 15 minute presentation, Killen sits down with top critics Tara Ariano (formerly of TV Without Pity, now of Previously.TV), Alan Sepinwall (Hitfix), Matthew Zoller Seitz (Vulture), and Todd Vanderwerff (A.V. Club) to discuss TV’s growth in the past decade, where its going, and their contributions to a show’s fate.

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  • Reality Check

    Friday 6/6, 11am
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Reality. Unscripted. Docu-series. Competition. Lifestyle. With so many sub-genres, how do studios, networks, and producers navigate which version of “reality” they want? Hear producers and executives discuss the growing popularity of the genre, how much of what audiences see is “real”, the importance of casting to the success (or failure) of a show, and the stigmatism that comes with Reality Television, including why audiences can’t seem to get enough.

    Panelists: Charlie Ebersol, Rachel Brill, Gary Shapiro, Christie McConnell
    Moderator: Sonia Saraiya

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  • Reboot, Remake, Reimagine, or Adapt

    Friday 6/6; 3:30PM
    Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Whether it be a beloved relationship (About a Boy), a true story, a town with a very specific tone (Fargo), or a tale with a pre-determined ending (Bates Motel), a reimagined story looks to balance the previously told one with an innovative new viewpoint that makes it worth revisiting. Creators and writers of some of television’s greatest adaptations discuss what drew them to the source material, the rewards and challenges of not starting from scratch, and how to please an established fan base while welcoming a new one.

    Panelists: Noah Hawley, Jason Katims, and Kerry Ehrin
    Moderator: Alan Sepinwall

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  • The Casting Director’s Production presented by The Casting Society

    Friday 6/6, 2:30pm
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    The right casting choice can make or break a series, change the landscape of a story, or launch a career. However, the Casting Director’s role is more complex than simply picking the right actor for the job. Seth Yanklewitz (VP of Network casting for Fox), Tracy Lilienfield (Will & Grace/New Adventures of Old Christine), and Jennifer Euston (Orange Is The New Black/Girls/Veep) discuss their contribution to the production of a TV show, the balance of creative collaboration with producers and directors, working within the studio and network system, the difficulties that come (but don’t end) with pilot season, and the gut instinct of deciding who is right (or wrong) for a role and then fighting for it.

    Panelists: Seth Yanklewitz, Tracey Lilienfield, Jennifer Euston
    Moderator: Liz Tigelaar

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  • What is an Adult Swim?

    Friday 6/6, 12pm
    Stephen F. Austin Hotel

    Adult Swim has no contemporaries. Starting out as a late night programming block on Cartoon Network, today it has grown into the #1 basic cable network for 18-34 yr olds with a full-fledged prime time slate starting at 8pm. Their programming trends towards the risqué, unorthodox, and sometimes just bizarre. Producers, executives and stars discuss what it is that makes them unique, why established and new creatives want to develop shows here, the risks they’re encouraged to take, evolution of the 15 minute episode, and how they’ve discovered new talent in every corner of Hollywood, the internet, and even Atlanta, Georgia.

    Panelists: Matthew Senreich (Robot Chicken), John Harvatine (Robot Chicken), Breckin Meyer (Robot Chicken), Mark Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty), Daniel Weirdenfeld (China, IL), Chris Kelly (Your Pretty Face), Jim Fortier (Squidbillies), Alyson Levy (The Heart, She Hollers), Walter Newman (Adult Swim Programming)

    Moderator: Keith Crowfford (Adult Swim)

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*** All individuals/artists' schedules and panel topics are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.