ATX Television Festival Season 10 (2021)

Let’s #TVTogether June 11 – 20, 2021!

To celebrate 10 seasons of ATX Television Festival, we are expanding our Season 10 dates to June 11 – 20, 2021! Ten days to celebrate all things TV with a variety of screenings, panels, roundtable discussions, interstitial content, VOD programming, special events, and more! 

In order to continue to keep everyone safe and healthy, this will be a virtual experience. Programming will include daily VOD releases, but our focus is on appointment viewing and interactive events for you, our dear TV Campers, to engage with each other at specific times. We want y’all to be able to experience the Festival together, just as you would in Austin! And of course, we’ll be suggesting all the food and drink pairings so you can eat, watch, and cheers along with your friends – even if you’re lounging on different couches!

With our new expanded Season 10 dates, we’re also excited to announce a new ticketing structure and our first-ever Virtual Membership Program which allows you exclusive access to events and programming happening all year long! Check out the details below and we hope to see you (virtually) soon!

If you previously purchased a Season 10 Badge or transferred your Season 9 Badge, check your email soon for a message from Prekindle, our ticketing partners, and please reach out if you have any questions!


Not sure what kind of pass you should get? Check out the options below! Available for purchase starting Thursday, April 1, 2021.

ATX TV Membership Program

In addition to redefining how to attend, we’re excited to launch our new ATX TV Membership! #TVTogether with us all year!

If you previously purchased a Season 10 Badge or transferred your Season 9 Badge, you will receive an ATX TV Annual Membership + Season 10 Combo – which includes a Season 10 Festival Badge and an extended Annual Membership, valid for 14 months (April 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022)!

Membership Benefit Descriptions:

  • TV Watch Clubs: Think Virtual Book Club, but only better because it’s TV.
  • Virtual Coffee Dates with Team ATX: Ask us all your questions, or more importantly, share with us all your TV recs. 
  • Exclusive Q&A Webinars with ATX TV Panelists: Hear from members of our Advisory Board, Ambassadors, and ATX TV alums. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and gain industry insights, listen to behind-the-scenes stories, and of course discuss what they’re currently watching!
  • Virtual Series Watch Party with Talent: Watch past and premiere episodes with the showrunners, cast, crew, and executives responsible for them. The ultimate DVD bonus materials!
  • Early Access to ATX TV Content: Check out Content 24 – 72 hr. before our YouTube releases. Anything we can give you early, we will!
  • Invitations to Zoom Recordings: Join us for the pre-records of some of our ATX TV Events, including being able to ask your own questions to the Panelists!
  • Special “Members Only” Events: There are so many reasons to gather and talk #TVTogether, and we plan on making the most of this one!
  • Discounts on ATX Merch: If it’s in the store, it’s yours for a special discounted price!


What’s the difference between the Membership + Badge Combo and the ATX TV Annual Membership?

This year’s ATX TV Annual Membership + Season 10 Combo will allow you access to all ten (10) days of Season 10 AND you’ll receive an ATX TV Annual Membership – while our Membership Program will typically be valid for one year, we’re extending things a bit for this inaugural round, giving you access to all our Membership Benefits for 14 months (April 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022). This Combo will be available for purchase April 1 – June 20, 2021.

Our ATX TV Annual Membership (without the Combo) will include all the Membership Benefits included with the Combo, but will only be valid for one year from your purchase date and does not include an ATX Television Festival Badge. This Membership will be available for purchase starting July 1, 2021.

Can I bring a guest to a Membership Event?

ATX TV Membership events and benefits are limited to members. This is so we can grow our community and provide a unique and intimate experience to you and our panelists!

Is there a schedule of Membership Events?

We’ll have a sample calendar of Membership Events soon, but you can plan on one to three (1 – 3) of each of the following events each quarter:

    • TV Watch Clubs
    • Virtual Coffee Dates with Team ATX
    • Exclusive Q&A Webinars with ATX TV Panelists
    • Virtual Series Watch Party with Talent

Early Access to ATX TV Content, Invitations to Zoom Recordings, and Special “Members Only” Events frequency will depend on our Programming, but typically these events happen once or a few times a month.

Will there be a monthly option for an ATX TV Membership?

Absolutely! We are launching with quarterly and annual, but plan to have Monthly Memberships available as soon as possible — please check back later this year!

Does the Annual Membership include a Festival Badge?

The ATX TV Annual Membership + Season 10 Combo DOES includes a Season 10 Virtual Festival Badge. The Combo will be available for purchase for a limited time (April 1 – June 20, 2021) for $300.

The ATX TV Annual Membership will be available starting July 1, 2021 for $175. It DOES NOT include a Season 11 Festival Badge, but as an ATX TV Member, you will have access to an exclusive Badge discount.

If I’m not a member, can I still participate in the Membership Events?

Our Membership Events are only for ATX TV members.

Have questions? Send us an email at
Due to a high volume of emails, please allow 48 hours for a response from the ATX TV Festival staff.