What is the ATX Television Festival?

Though there are thousands of film and music festivals, in and out of Austin, there is nothing like ATX. The focus of the ATX Television Festival is the celebration of the medium of television: looking back at its history, where it is now, and where it is headed. Our Festival Programming includes panels, screenings and events where attendees can hear from Panelists involved in all stages of bringing their favorite series to the small screen.

How can I register for the ATX Television Festival?

Our Season 10 Virtual Festival Badges, Day Passes, and Single Tickets will be available for purchase starting Thursday, April 1, 2021!

You can find out more here.

Where does the festival take place?

Season 10 will be a virtual experience – stay tuned for more details!

When we’re able to gather in person, ATX Festival takes place in Austin, TX.

When do you announce Programming & Panelists?

All the time! We’ll start announcing Season 10 Programming in early April, but Programming and Panelists may be added all the way up to the weeks and days before the festival. Check back often and follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) for updates!

Where can I find the schedule?

The Season 10 Schedule will be released when we’re closer to the festival.

Friendly reminder, we do our best to prevent changes in programming, but schedules are subject to change and things can still move around. So remember to check back often for the most up-to-date information!

What happens if ATX has a sale after I’ve bought my Credentials?

From time to time, we offer flash sales. These flash sale offers can’t be combined with any other offer or discount code, and only last for a limited time.

In the event that you purchased your Season 10 ATX Credential(s) at full price (Festival Badge at $150 or Day Pass at $25) within seventy-two (72) hours of the start of a flash sale, you can take advantage of our Flash Sale Policy. We offer price protection in the form of a one-time, partial refund of the purchase price of your Credentials.

To obtain a price adjustment on a qualified purchase, please email us at TV@atxfestival.com within the seventy-two (72) hour window of a flash sale start date. Include your name, order number, and when your purchased your Credential in the body of your message.

The Flash Sale Policy price protection is not applicable to merchandise, entry fees, or any ATX Credential Walk Up Prices. Flash sale price adjustments are not the same as returns, and the Flash Sale Policy does not supersede ATX’s Refund Policy. All sales are final. All events are rain or shine, unless otherwise noted. All panelists, programming, times, and locations are subject to change without notice. No refunds are issued due to a performer or attraction being removed from a festival lineup.

If I already have a Festival Badge, should I get a Single Ticket for something I really want to see?

Nope! You’re covered. Access to events with Single Ticket availability is included in your Festival Badge!

Single Tickets are largely for those who can’t attend the whole festival, but still want to check out a few events. Single Tickets are also released in much more limited quantities than Festival Badges.

Can I buy a ticket to just one event, instead of a badge for the whole festival?

Sure! Season 10 Single Tickets will be $12/event and more information is coming soon!

I bought my Festival Badge, but haven’t heard anything since. How do I know I’m not missing things?

After purchasing your Festival Badge, you should have received a badge purchase confirmation from Prekindle. If you haven’t gotten that email, make sure to let support@prekindle.com know so they can help you out.

Most of the communication directly from the festival to attendees will be in the final 3 months prior to the festival, and the bulk of it will be in the final weeks leading up to the fest.

There are also a few things you can do to make sure you’re kept in the loop: 1) sign up for our mailing list – available at the top-right corner of this webpage, 2) check your SPAM box frequently, as you never know when it’s going to be a jerk and swallow up an email that’s not spam, and 3) follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

If you still have concerns, please email TV@atxfestival.com.

I have a TV show… how can I get it into ATX programming?

Our Programming is done internally, and we don’t accept submissions. But, if you have a great idea for a TV show, you should check out our Pitch Competition for information on pitch submissions.

Can you tell me about ATX Television Festival’s Accessibility Information?

The ATX Television Festival is working hard to make sure that all our panels, screenings, and events are accessible to all attendees. The more advance notice we have, the better we’re able to plan! Please email TV@atxfestival.com with questions or specific accommodation requests.