About ATX

ATX TV celebrates television. We foster community, ignite emotion, and inspire reflection
by producing experiences and creating content that impact the evolution of TV.

ATX Television Festival celebrates the television medium: looking back at its history, where it is now, and where it’s headed. The festival consists of panels, screenings, and events where attendees and leaders in the TV industry talk, watch, and experience television together as one community.

Heading into our 11th Season, ATX TV showcases TV’s past, current, and upcoming series through screening Q&As and panel discussions. This programming ranges from never picked up pilots, reunions, current series going into a new season, to premiering content from upfronts, summer, or online. Panel discussions can be 1:1 conversations, featuring a single show, or are focused on a topic that pulls professionals from a variety of shows and features such topics as the ratings system, series finales, and testing/focus groups. And with 50/50 split between fan and industry, ATX Television Festival is a unique festival event that stems from a true celebration of the medium.  

We hope to see you in June!