ATX Television Festival Opens With The Netflix Series “Arrested Development”




Austin, TX- Monday, June 3, 2013 – ATX Television Festival is thrilled to announce Opening Night Programming courtesy of Netflix. To open Season Two of ATX Television Festival, Netflix will feature the return of the beloved series Arrested Development, followed by a Q&A with members of the cast. Netflix is the premiere destination for original programming, making the platform a perfect partner for ATX Television Festival, which takes place June 6-9 in Austin, TX.

In addition to hosting the opening night festivities, Netflix has joined ATX Television Festival as a premiere sponsor of the festival.
‪”As a growing television festival, entering into our sophomore year, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect opening night (and festival) partner than Netflix,” said ATX Television Festival Co-Founders Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson.” “Our goal is to have an event that showcases ALL of television — from past favorites, cancelled-too-soon series, current hits, and ground breaking new programming, and Netflix has set the standard for providing that and beyond.”
ATX Television Festival will showcase Netflix throughout the festival in various ways, and encourages festival attendees to stream Netflix to discover and watch series featured at the festival both before coming to the festival, and after discovering hit series like The Riches, Scandal, Hart of Dixie, Friday Night Lights, Hell on Wheels, Vampire Diaries and of course Arrested Development.
Tickets to ATX Television Festival are available for purchase here. Weekend Badges are $225, Panel Only Badges are $150 and Screening Badges are $99. Day wristbands to ATX Television Festival are available for $75.

ATX Television Festival is now accepting press credential applications. To register for press credentials for ATX Television Festival 2013 please send your name and outlet as well as a letter of assignment from your editor or a business card to for consideration. The deadline to apply for press credentials is Tuesday, June 4. Please note all applications are subject to approval.
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About ATX Television Festival

Festivals create communities; so does Television. Whether a series lasts 10 episodes or 10 years, it establishes a long-standing community of followers. ATX Television Festival celebrates the television medium by creating opportunities for fans and industry to come together to watch and discuss the series they love by taking the “water cooler” conversation public.

Through screenings that span classic shows, never aired pilots, cancelled too soon series, cult favorites, current hits, and premieres of new series that are followed by cast/crew Q&A’s, along with a variety of panels on industry topics, ATX Television Festival is a place to experience TV’s past, present, and future. Throughout the weekend, the festival and its sponsors host parties, live music, meet-ups, and community events. ATX Television Festival serves both the community and industry professionals equally by giving them the opportunity to discuss and celebrate all aspects of TV.